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20K Raised for OCD Program! - Calgary, Alberta

At 8am on Sunday September 23 2018, ‘The OCD Challengers’ team of 25 set foot for a 6km Fundraiser RBC Race. The team was organized by Dr.Sapp of Calgary, to raise funds for the Children’s OCD Clinic at Alberta Children’s Hospital. All the funds raised would be matched up to $10,000 by an anonymous donor. The team managed to raise $9,416, matched, with another $1050, adding up to a total of $19,882!!! The funds raised will benefit the Children’s OCD Clinic, community outreach and to purchase equipment and supplies. Thank you Dr.Sapp for initiating and organizing the team! Dr.Sapp is passionate in the treatment of OCD and spreading awareness about the illness. She mentioned that early intervention for children with OCD is important. It will give them the tools and skills to manage the illness into adulthood. This fundraiser is Dr.Sapp's way to raise awareness and give back to the OCD community. Thank you Dr.Sapp for a very successful event!

It could not have been possible without the help of the participants... way to go team!!! Some homemade cards from #yeg were passed on to the team to be delivered to children and teens of Calgary who live with OCD as a reminder that you are brave and not alone! Thank you everyone who participated this event.

The aocdf volunteers look forward to future OCD events in the province of Alberta!


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