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Mentorship Program

The Alberta OCD Foundation is proud to announce our new Mentorship Program. The Mentorship Program pairs mentor and mentee applicants, with the goal of fostering a relationship that is valuable to both parties. Preferences regarding the age, gender, and location of your partner will be accommodated to the best of our ability, but we cannot guarantee all preferences will be met. Mentors and mentees from across Alberta will be introduced virtually with the support of our Mentor Program Director. From there, pairs will meet in the form of their choosing - video chat, email, phone call, etc. The length and frequency of sessions are up to the pairs; to apply to be a mentor we ask for a minimum commitment of 4 sessions. The mentorship sessions may continue as long as both parties agree. 

On a Video Call

Who are mentors?

What has helped you cope with OCD? We’d love you to share those experiences with a mentee!

The mentor’s role will be to provide empathy, goal setting and self-help strategies, personal support, or simply a listening ear. If you feel you may be able to contribute in any of these ways or another, we greatly encourage you to apply. This is not a counselling or therapist role. Mentors are not expected to be experts. They are not asked to treat their mentee or provide crisis support. This is a mentoring role with another person living with OCD; it is not a therapeutic relationship. Mentors should be individuals who have experience coping with OCD and strong communication skills. Prior experience in a mentorship role is desirable but not required. To qualify as a mentor, you must be 18 years of age or older. Scroll down for information about applying.

Who are mentees?

Mentees should be individuals with OCD who feel they would benefit from guidance from another individual with the disorder. Whether you’ve recently been diagnosed, are struggling more than usual, or just otherwise would like to talk to someone who understands what it’s like to live with OCD, we encourage you to apply. Please note that mentors are not professionals - they are not meant to provide crisis support or treatment. To qualify as a mentee, you must be 18 years of age or older. If you are under age 18 and would like to become a mentee, you must provide parental/guardian consent. Scroll down for information about applying.

Application Process
Steps for mentors
  1. Complete the mentor application form

  2. Complete a short educational module

  3. Write a quiz

  4. Sign the confidentiality and no abuse pledge (Download PDF, type in name and email the pledge to 

  5. A short interview with the Mentor Director (Depending on the volume of applications received)

  6. Receive ongoing support and tools in the private OnPoint Mentor Chatroom

Steps for mentees
  1. Complete the mentee application form

  2. Sign the confidentiality pledge and no abuse pledge   (Download PDF, type in name and email the pledge to



For questions regarding the mentorship program, please contact Emma, the Volunteer and Mentor Director at  for more information. 

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