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The Alberta OCD Foundation (aocdf) Not for Profit Organization was incorporated in March 2018 by 5 individuals who live with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

What We Do:

  • Host 1 X month Adult OCD GOAL Groups

  • Host 4 X year OCD Caregiver Groups

  • Host OCD events (watch for posts)

  • Provide a website with current information

  • Provide a aocdf website member's sign-in & chat room via WIX app

  • Host awareness campaigns

  • Accept phone calls and e mails to offer direction on where to go and how to start OCD treatment

Please Note:

  • The aocdf do not have an office or set hours. (The aocdf rent facilities for events)

  • The GOAL Group and Caregiver Groups are peer led, with the occasional professional guest speaker


*The aocdf is unaware of any specialized OCD treatment programs that is covered by health care in Alberta (except the Children's OCD Clinic in Calgary). Most OCD treatment is done by paying a private psychologist and using personal benefits if available. This is a common issue in Canada.* Many patients with OCD will get Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) in Alberta hospitals, but not ERP treatment. Exposure Response and Prevention (ERP) is a form of CBT. ERP is the Gold Standard in OCD treatment.


Some Canadians with severe OCD attend a USA OCD specialized Residential Program e.g. Roger's Behavioural Health Program, paying out of pocket or using benefits if available. Sunnybrook Health Sciences in Ontario is the only OCD specialized Residential Program in Canada that care for patients with severe OCD. They accept 3 out of province patients. However, Alberta is the only province that do not cover patients to attend the program.

Our Future Goal:

  • Become a charity

  • Build our community 

  • Fundraise to support OCD sufferers in treatment

  • Continue advocating for those quieter voices

  • Continue to destigmatize Mental Illness