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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Specialists

Note: Alberta Health Care does not cover these treatments, some people have personal benefits



1. Centre For Cognitive Behavioural Therapy cfcbt.ca

2. Dr. Alisa Singer drsinger.ca

3. Dr. Kimberly Buchanan (Sliding scale) and Dr. David Paul www.cpsat.ca

4. Cody Guy House, Psy.D. Registered Psychologist

   Suite #303  14925 - 111 Avenue, Edm AB, T5M 2P6

   Phone: 780-263-0531 Fax: 587-521-0100 Email: cody.guy.house@gmail.com


1. Dr. Felicity Sapp, OCD and Anxiety Psychological Services drfelicitysapp.com


1. OCD Center of Los Angeles, Therapy by Online Video Chat, age 16+ ($125 - $225 U.S Dollars / Session. Therapists are listed by price/experience, from highest to lowest)  www.ocdla.com

OCD Residential Care


SunnyBrook, Ontario Canada

The Residential program is open to clients from across Canada and the United States, offering specialized services to meet the needs of people with severely impairing OCD. (Note: Alberta Health Care does not cover this.)

Rogers Behavioral Health, USA

Call 1-800-767-4411 for a free screening 

Minimum 30 day stay at approximately $30,000 US Dollars & $500 Pharmacy Fee