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Family Doctor

Do you have a family doctor (general physician)? A family doctor can help you navigate your mental health journey and refer you to specialists such as psychiatrists and psychologists..

Some doctors may appear insensitive when mentioning a diagnosis of OCD. If this happens, it may be a lack of knowledge with OCD, or perhaps they see many people with a diagnosis with OCD,, they have normalized it. Family doctors do not specialize in mental health treatment, so it may be recommended to ask to be referred to a psychiatrist for OCD medication and ask where to go for CBT/ERP psychological treatment.  


If you do not like your doctor, you can always change doctors. It is important to feel comfortable with your doctor so you are able to share your health concerns. 


Click the link to search for local a doctor.

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Health Link, Phone 811, Alberta Wide


A telephone service, which provides free 24/7 nurse advice and general health information for Albertans.


Canada-wide toll free number: 1-866-408-5465 

Health Link provides a number of clinical services including tele-triage and health advice, navigation services and online content support for all Albertans by calling 811 or by using one of its companion web products, or The specific services include:

  • Symptom-based nurse triage and health information

  • System navigation

  • Dementia Advice Service

  • Catch-A-Break Osteoporosis screening

  • AlbertaQuits Tobacco Helpline

  • Addictions information and referral

  • Central Access to specialized services

  • Referrals to clinical services including Specialized Medication Advice and Dietitian Services

Call 211

Call 211 and you will have access to an entire network of community, social, health and government services. Your call will be answered by a professional information and referral specialist who is trained to assess your need and refer you to the most appropriate service or services. This service is offered in over 200 languages and it is also available throughout Alberta. 

211 is free, confidential, multilingual and available 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Don’t like talking on the phone? Online chat is available from 12-8pm daily at

If you see someone in distress, you can help before emergency services are needed by calling 211 and pressing 3.


Free Canadian Medication Savings Card

The innoviCares card is a free prescription savings card available to all Canadian residents, and is funded by participating pharmaceutical manufacturers. Present your innoviCares card at your pharmacy and ask for the brand-name medication. Your card will automatically cover a portion of the cost of the original brand.

Your innoviCares card will coordinate with your existing insurance plan(s), or if you don't have insurance, it can be used on its own.


You can easily download a card to get started today.


Pfizer Original Brand Medication Card

With the Pfizer Originals payment assistance card, you can remain on the original brand medication at little or no additional cost versus the generic. Availability and level of payment assistance vary by brand medication and province. Payment assistance will vary based on your insurance plan coverage of the original brand medication.


The Pfizer Originals payment assistance card works just like the card for your insurance plan. When at the pharmacy, give the card to your pharmacist and they will enter it into their system. You will immediately be covered for most, if not all, of the difference between the original brand and the generic.

Customer Support Representative

Distress Lines

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Have you experienced abuse? Are you contemplating suicide? Now is the time to talk about it. If you or someone you know is in crisis, you can call the Distress Line 24/7 to talk through it.

1. Edmonton and Northern Alberta: Crisis 24 hours:

(Toll-Free) 1-800-232-7288 or (780) 482-HELP (4357) 

2. Lethbridge and Southwestern Alberta: Crisis 24 Hours:

(Toll-Free) 1-888-787-2880 or (403) 327-7905 

3. Fort McMurray and Northeastern Alberta: Crisis 24 hours:

(Toll Free) 1-800-565-3801 or (780) 743-HELP (4357)

4. Calgary and Surrounding area: Crisis 24 hours: 

(403) 266-HELP (4357)  Calgary Distress Centre

Mental Health Help Line

Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Alberta-wide toll free 1-877-303-2642  (Alberta Health Services)

  • confidential, anonymous service

  • crisis intervention

  • information about mental health programs and services

  • referrals to other agencies if needed


1. International Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Foundation -

2. Download the Canadian Sunnybrook OCD Handbook - Here

3. Anxiety Canada - 

4. OCD Edmonton -

5. The OCD Stories -

6. Tourette OCD Alberta Network - Website 


1. IOCDF Learning Webinars - OCD Webinars

2. Tourettes OCD Alberta Network - Recorded OCD Webinars


1. Anxiety and the Amygdala


1. UNSTUCK: an OCD kids movie

2. Uncovering OCD: The Truth About Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Image by Kimberly Farmer
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