Making a Donation

The Alberta Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Foundation (aocdf)


The Alberta Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Foundation (aocdf) is a charitable organization that provides support, education and information to people who live with OCD, members, family, friends and professionals throughout Alberta. 


The Alberta OCD Foundation (aocdf) is planning to raise an estimated amount of $150,000 this coming year on Fund-raising campaigns. It will cost our organization an estimate of $30,000 to raise this.


The money raised will go towards;

  • Rent an office space / program space

  • Hire a part time psychologist

  • Advertisement (brochures, posters, banners, etc) 

  • OCD awareness campaigns (OCD Week, Mental Health Week)

  • Administrative fees (computer, printer, accountant, website, etc) 

  • Resources (books, affiliations, etc)

  • Provide Public Programs (OCD Group Therapy, Therapeutic Recreation, Peer                          Support, Caregiver Support, Conferences / Professional Speakers, Special Events, etc) 

  •  Donate to the Tourettes OCD Alberta Network   


For further information, please contact Jennifer Masek, (780) 989-9932

(Updated August 2020)


Our mailing address is:

Alberta OCD Foundation (aocdf)

8330 82 Ave NW, #68103

Edmonton, Alberta

T6C 4G0

                                                                                        We are grateful for your generosity!