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A Must-See Fringe Show

The "Wild Moo's Chase" production highlights the truth about OCD

The Cathexis Theatre and "Wild Moo's Chases" is fundraising for the AOCDF and providing free tickets for Alberta OCD Foundation Members and guest!

Email for free tickets to the show. Mention you are a member of the Alberta OCD Foundation and the date of show you'd like to see. She will email electronic admission tickets.

About the Show: Filet and her sister, Brisket live in the whimsical, diluted, pun-filled town called Meatland. In a constant battle between curiosity and managing her OCD, Filet finds herself unable to open the literal door and get answers. Once she finds a poster that conflicts with everything she was taught, she decides to face her disorder and learn the truth. Wild Moo’s Chase deals with themes surrounding mental illness and specifically Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Both the producer and the playwright/director have been diagnosed with OCD and through this show we aim to tackle the vast misrepresentation of OCD in the media and instead display what living with OCD is truly like. In this production we are highlighting the severity of this disorder while contrasting this severity through a dark-comedy lens. View a preview here

Venue: La Cité Francophone Theatre (8627 91 Street) Show Dates & Times: Fri Aug. 12th - 12:30pm Sat Aug. 13th - 7:30pm Sun Aug. 14th - 4:15pm Mon Aug. 15th - 3:15pm Tue Aug. 16th - 7:30pm Thu Aug. 18th - 9:15pm Fri Aug. 19th - 5:30pm Sat Aug. 20th - 4:00pm Sun Aug. 21st - 12:30pm Visit the Edmonton Fringe Festival website for more information on Wild Moo’s Chase:

“If somebody offers you and amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes - then learn how to do it later!"

Save the Date

The Alberta OCD Foundation is hosting its 4th annual BBQ at Rundle Park!

Alberta OCD Foundation's 4th Annual BBQ 2022 Edmonton, Alberta ​ Tuesday August 30, 2022 6pm-8pm, Rundle Park, Site #5