Updated: Oct 23, 2020

"Nobody knows the struggles I've endured. Most are kept secret. Most are fought alone. Alone in the depth of my darkness."

The Alberta OCD Foundation's theme this year is "Speak Up, Speak Out!" We are thrilled to showcase local Albertans who have done just that! Paul Otterbein and Corey Hirsch share their journey of living with OCD. They inspire, give hope and encourage others who suffer with OCD to Speak Up & Speak Out! They bring awareness to OCD, a chronic mental illness that (in the year 2020) still takes an average of 14-17 before a person is diagnosed. OCD tightens it's grips the longer it is left untreated. Early diagnosis and proper treatment will teach a person how to manage their OCD for a lifetime. How can you "Speak Up, Speak Out?" Here are some ideas: - Talk to a family member - Educate one person  - Volunteer  - Create OCD art, a poem or a video for the aocdf to share/promote - Present on OCD as a project at your school  - Share OCD information and resources with your teacher - Hand out OCD brochures - Interview a new Therapist (Especially on ERP, Exposure Response and Prevention Therapy) - Write your MLA PAUL OTTERBEIN

Meet Paul Otterbein, an International Hip Hop Choreographer who now resides in Edmonton, Alberta. His passion and talent led him to win many Dance Championships and Awards over his career. Admired and a role model for many made it difficult to speak up about his war with OCD.

Now a mental health advocate, Paul shares his OCD story and created this amazing choreographed OCD music video.

A heartfelt Thank-You, Paul.




Dr. Felicity Sapp of Calgary, Alberta is an OCD Specialist and advocate. She attends the annual International OCD Foundation Conferences, organized the OCD Challengers fundraiser in Calgary, is part of the Tourette OCD Alberta Network and supports the Alberta OCD Foundation. For #OCDweek, Dr.Sapp connected with and interviewed Corey Hirsch, a retired NHL Goaltender and a Mental Health Advocate. Corey Hirsh shares his experience living with OCD. Amazing interview! Watch the interview here. Well done!


Meet Jenny Peetoom, a Registered Psychologist from Calgary Alberta. Jenny has a passion for working with people who live with OCD and other compulsive disorders. Jenny reached out to partner with the Alberta OCD Foundation and together have brainstormed the idea to create a *new* additional chatroom for aocdf members called, "Ask A Therapist." Jenny will answer general questions about OCD, ERP, anxiety, and models of therapy. Post a question and she will make every effort to reply promptly and efficiently. She looks forward to creating a platform of learning together! Thank you Jenny for your dedication to making a difference to those who live with OCD. #OCDweek #volunteer #Passiontohelp (Please note that this is a general question chatroom only. Jenny cannot provide specific treatment advice or therapeutic interventions.)  Membership Sign-up TIPS FOR FINDING HELP FOR YOUR OCD:  THE CENTRE FOR COGNITIVE BEHAVIOR THERAPY (cfcbt)