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OCD Basics & BEYOND 2019!👩🏻‍💼

At the 2019 International OCD Foundation (iocdf) Conference in Texas, Dr. Peggy Richter offered to present for the Alberta OCD Foundation during her travels through Alberta and Saskatchewan.

This November, Dr. Richter made her first stop in Calgary to present at the U of C, her second stop at the U of A, her third stop for the aocdf and off to Saskatchewan.

Dr. Richter (aka. Queen of OCD) is the head of the Frederick Thompson Anxiety Disorders Centre at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Ontario. Dr.Richter has a wealth of education, appointments and affiliations behind her. She has been in the field for over 30 years. She is very personable and easy to talk with – and that's what makes her extra special. She has done many OCD studies and research to make a difference for those who live with OCD and for those who live with severe OCD.

There was a great turnout of attendees at the presentation on November 13 2019, and the feedback was excellent! Peggy’s presentation “OCD Basics and Beyond” covered; What is OCD? What causes OCD? Pharmacotherapy for OCD and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. She also covered treatment options for those with severe OCD who don’t respond to first line treatment (medication and ERP).

OCD and anxiety can often prevent people from attending events, so several door prizes were raffled to thank everyone for their bravery. A mini social followed with several food trays and sparking beverages to celebrate! A group stayed until 10pm - socializing, snacking, connecting and relating. What a fantastic night! #OCD #obsessivecompulsivedisorder #anxiety #presentation #treatment #research #studies #aocdf #doorprizes #minisocial #connecting #growing #learning #acceptance #community

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