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COURAGE Cards 🇨🇦

The process of incorporating the aocdf started 2 years ago and it’s been life changing. We’ve had our challenges but the benefits far outweigh any challenge! The conferences, support groups, BBQs, the community, the people, the vulnerability & validation, acceptance, laughs & cries. The OCD community is a place of belonging and friendship. Today, the aocdf Team gathered to make Courage Cards for our Canadian Community🇨🇦. A message to say you belong, you’re stronger than you think, and we are fighting beside you - advocating and bringing awareness to OCD. The cards will be distributed this holiday season❄️. For those who desire to make or receive cards, please e mail With love ❤️. #aocdf #OCD#obsessivecompulsivedisorder #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness#courage #Canadian #Alberta #community #together

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