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*COMING SOON* Calgary OCD Support Group 2020👏🏻

The aocdf held a meeting in Calgary this past weekend with three new volunteers; Katie, Cam and Angel. The group connected through the aocdf, social media and the aocdf chat rooms. The three are strong advocates for OCD and recognize the need for an OCD support group in Calgary. They want other OCD sufferers in Calgary to know, "you are not alone."

Resources were exchanged and the eager volunteers expect to have The OCD GOAL Support Group up and running by February/March 2020. GOAL stands for 'Giving OCD Another Lifestyle.' A GOAL group is a welcoming supportive group, but it also offers the opportunity to practice making ERP (Exposure Response and Prevention) goals with the assistance of peers and volunteers. ERP is the Gold Standard for OCD treatment. The volunteers will be using Dr. Jonathan Grayson 'GOAL Handbook: Running a Successful Support Group for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.' The groups will be held monthly and by donation only. Thank you Katie, Cam and Angel for initiating this project. Check back soon for updates!

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