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Calgary's OCD Awareness PODCAST

The #aocdf would like to highlight a local passionate Psychologist from Calgary. Dr. Felicity Sapp has been providing mental health care for almost 20 years. Her enthusiasm is evident through her side volunteer work and the effort to make a difference for people who live with OCD. Dr.Sapp provides workshops and presentations annually across the US and Canada. As well, Dr. Sapp attends local, national, and international conferences on a regular basis in order to provide the most current and supported treatment methods. Dr. Sapp is caring, personable and an excellent representation for Canada 🇨🇦. For OCD week, Dr.Sapp was interviewed on a local podcast: Check it out! 🙌🏻❤️ #ocd #psychology #obsessivecomplusivedisorder#community #connectingalberta #passion #makingadifference #ycc#thankyou

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