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2021 AGM

| PRESENTS | The Annual General Meeting

The Alberta OCD Foundation (aocdf) is hosting a virtual Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Sunday February 21 2021, from 11am-12pm. All aocdf members are invited. At this meeting, members can learn about upcoming projects, hear the financial report and vote/have input on any changes to our bylaws. Learn about the progress we've made in 2020. Please email to register for the online aocdf AGM. Please register by February 20 2021. You will be emailed an invite link to join the meeting. It was a tough 2020, so we thank you for all the support - to us and to each other. We are in this together!

2021 Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: Is often mistakenly used as an adjective. Is too often left undiagnosed and untreated. Has minimal affordable treatment available. Sufferers often carry shame and feel isolated. This needs to change. The aocdf will continue to advocate for people who live with OCD.

“The root of suffering is resisting the certainty that no matter what the circumstances, uncertainty is all we truly have". - Pema Chodron -

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